Contemporary Comrades

Texts Available:

Paul Avrich:
A Eulogy

by Robert P. Helms

Love and Anarchy:
A Profile and Interview with Paul Avrich

by Susan Phillips

Barbara Hirshkowitz:
Activist, Buddhist, Anarchist

by Robert P. Helms

Nunzio Pernicone:
[originally appeared in the Anarcho-Syndicalist Review]
by Robert P. Helms

A Tribute to Clara and Sidney Solomon
Clara Solomon: A Eulogy
by Robert P. Helms and
A Dream of Love: Sidney and Clara Solomon in Paris

Dearly Departed:

Paul Avrich
b. New York, NY 1931
d. New York, NY 2006

Scholar, author, educator, anarchist.

Barbara Hirshkowitz
b. Brooklyn, NY 1950
d. Philadelphia, PA 2007

Publisher, Buddhist, activist, anarchist.

Nunzio Pernicone
b. New York, NY 1940
d. Philadelphia, PA 2013

Scholar, author, educator, anarchist.

Clara Solomon
b. New York, NY 1913
d. New York, NY 2001

Activist, pianist, anarchist.

Sidney Solomon
b. Pogost, Russia 1911
d. New York, NY 1907

Activist, painter, anarchist.